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dumb warm up

October 04 + 25


Prize for my 150 follower giveaway! finally!

sorry this took so long to get done tulhip x_x
and hopefully I did him justice

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October 04 + 32

I really want to do inktober this year and I’ve been wanting to draw stargate peeps because I love them 
but sadly I don’t have any traditional drawing materials and likenesses are hard

October 04 + 49


uhggg finally done jesus christ
If I ever paint again it will be too soon

every time I see this I’m like I should paint more and then I’m like oh wait this took like 30566787 hours and I wanted to die

October 03 + 31


for Alicemia

September 06 + 27


Chibi babs for amouuarts

July 01 + 16


Chibi couples for TechnicolourSunrise on Weasyl

June 30 + 19


Some thangs for antheias

June 29 + 41

My personal Kosmi Ovid! 
my babyyyyy I love him so much, originally was gonna auction this but nooo I love it too much sighsss

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~Kosmijae are a closed species so please don’t make your own~

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June 21 + 3

$6 Kemonomimi babs

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June 18 + 4